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Future Superstars, “One Pass Ahead” program targets youth who badly need programs to help keep them off the streets and awayfrom negative influences, while giving them the tools needed to succeed in life. Through the 24-session program, 45 selected students will learn proper etiquette, decision-making, self-worth, how to work hard, and other skills that will last throughout their lives.


- Improve the knowledge of the students through workshops, classes, and community service project relevant to the young men’s life experiences.

- Improve the self-esteem of the young men by offering classes and workshops facilitated by positive male role models offering realistic attainable educational and career experiences from men with similar life experiences.

- Train the young men in areas that will improve the overall quality of their lives and motivate successful relationships,personal and financial goals, and decision making.


- To provide the young men with tools to become successful through education and exposure.

- To teach the young men how to cultivate and celebrate their strength and knowledge.

- To offer a safe environment that allows the young men to experience lessons in manhood from professional male role models, through inspiration, encouragement and leadership.

- To empower young men to establish and enhance skills to assist in making life’s decisions and smart decisions.n To teach techniques to establish and maintain healthy relationships with male peers maintaining a level of maturityand responsibility.


- Offer workshops and classes that allow the client to identify stereotypes and perception that others may haveabout him, as well as those interpersonal perception he has about himself. This allows the client to also reflect on how he has contributed to those perceptions. The goal is for self-reflection and the opportunity to establish his own self-identity.

- Introducing activities that the client may have never heard of or cannot afford in an attempt to expose the student to new things such as educational and career pathway workshops, etiquette classes, Mother and Son Dance, nutrition and hygiene classes.

- Create a safe environment and discussion panels where young men can discuss topics dealing with high risksexual behavior, self-esteem, toxic-triggers in relationships and social settings. Allowing the young men to hear thetestimony of older men who have overcome issues that the younger men can relate to while offering an opportunity for questions and answer sessions.

- Offer classes that encourage conflict resolution with healthy communication skills, identifying toxic friendships and relationships, and promote a healthy communication among mothers/fathers and sons.


Future Superstars is built on the unique strengths and talents of men within our communities who have a passion for leading boys into manhood. The strategic action plan for Future Superstars will partner with Drake Elementary tooffer specific services to the male student body.

Strategy 1:

Describe the vision for Future Superstars and the role of the boys involved.

The curriculum is designed to offer male participants a realistic view of themselves and the behavior of men in their family and community in an attempt to give insight on the man they would like to be in the future. The curriculum is also designed to offer techniques to create and reach realistic goals for the young men in the program.

Strategy 2:

Demonstrate the mission of Future Superstars.

Although the curriculum is designed to promote the mission of
Future Superstars, it is important that this behavior is demonstrated by the founders, facilitators and mentors whom the boys will come into contact with. Just as negative behavior is learned, it’s the belief of the founder that this is true for positive behavior as well.

Strategy 3:

Improve the behavior of the participants through work- shops and life

In an attempt to improve the behavior of the young men involved in the program, they will participate in workshops, community service projects, and team building activities. This will allow the boys to usethe problem solving skills and conflict resolution techniques thatare introduced to them through the curriculum. The curriculum alsooffers the young men an opportunity to improve their self-esteemand communication skills, which have been supported by previous research to modify negative behavior.

Strategy 4:

Introduce the young men to new and different experiences.

The young boys will be introduced to different experiences and activities such as basketball, etiquette classes, how to dress for a job interview, and how to treat a lady. It is important to offer young males the cultural experiences that allow them the opportunity to be well rounded.

Strategy 5:

Access to resources, mentorships and networking opportunities.

Each class is facilitated by a person with an area of expertise; this allows the opportunity to build relationships that can promote mentorship and networking experiences for the young men in the future.

page4image43956864page4image43957056ONE PASS AHEAD” PROGRAM OUTLINE




Week 1

Orientation/ Introduction Class

The young men will learn how to introduce themselves to others in the proper way.

Week 2


Mission Statement/SBF Oath:
Identifying those things that others see whentheysee you and whatyousee when you look inside yourself.

Week 3

Empowerment/Wealth Building Activities

Financially-empowering skills that will allow them to make healthier financial decisions and practices.

Week 4

Etiquette Classes

The young men will learn the art of etiquette and howto apply these lessons in real-life situations.

Week 5

Being a Leader

The young men will go through mental techniques to see if they lead/follow.

Week 6

Healthy Relationships “Break Every Chain”

Healthy communication skills, identifying toxic friendships and relationships, along with establishing a healthy relationship with self.

Week 7

Community Service Project

The young men will participate in a community service project.

Week 8

Health & Fitness

The young men will participate in basketball skill development.

Week 9

Mother and Son Dance

The young men will escort their Mothers to the “Mother and Son Dance”. They will show their appreciation and express how important their Mother’s love is to them.


A shift is needed in the approach as it relates to the prevention and intervention services offered to young men.Programming must examine and address the symptoms that lead to high risk behavior. There is a need to find
out the values and behaviors of the communities in which these young men live in, an attempt to focus on the ecological needs and not just that of those individuals you may come into contact with is essential while designingprogramming for high risk youth. It is imperative that in attempting to offer programming to decrease high-riskbehavior, empowerment is used as the foundation of such prevention and intervention. Many programs offered tohigh-risk youth disregard value of cultural relativity therefore are unable to build around the cultural and familiarity of those who are being serviced. While attempting to decrease the high-risk behavior of African-American boys it isimportant to understand the value system in which the boys are living.

For these reasons the curriculum for “One Pass Ahead” mentoring program was designed with an ecologicalfoundation. The nature of the program is geared to improve the behavior of the participants in order to benefittheir family and community as a whole. It is important that the classes, workshops, and activities are facilitated by professional men from the communities and similar environments from which the male participants reside in. The classes and activities are offered in the community as a means of offering resources to the young men and their families that they may not have known existed in their communities.




Improvement in behavior

In attempt to reduce the inappropriate behavior of the participants, each boy will be matched with personal mentors that will engage the young men along with the activities that are offered by FS as alternatives to inappropriate activities

Improvement in grades

Grades are requested by marking periods and the boys are encouraged and rewarded for good grades. Boys who are struggling are offered tutoring by former participants, mentors, and founders.

Improvement in self-esteem

Young men are encouraged to be confident in who they can become, and wherethey are from.

Evaluate theeffectiveness of the gender-specificworkshops

In an attempt to evaluate the effectiveness of the programming offered to young men through FS, the young men are encouraged to complete a survey on the services that were administered to them.



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